Zen Floor

Features of Zen-Floor

Features of Zen-Floor system

This environment-friendly nonflammable flooring material has features of moist hardening and dry hardening ceramic mineral binders and water-soluble polymers using main binders and mineral fillers, and can be used for construction of wet surface. The hardening time is short, and it has excellent labeling property and durability.


TDI-free and TVOC of lower than hazard standard detected
Overcome adhesive power caused by moisture
Mechanical features / chemical features / nonflammability


This hydroponic product doesn't discharge organic solvents.

KS satisfaction

KS F 4937 Satisfy surface
finishing materials for
parking place floors

Adhesive strength

No delamination,
no fracture, no split

Chemical resistance

Greatly improved due to ceramic binders


Wear resistance

Excellent wear resistance by using ceramic binders


Good for large buildings
by using nonflammable


High resistance against load


Can construct 3~10mm

Delamination / Combustion
Wear / Pollution

nonflammable flooring material

Mineral flooring materials are environment-friendly nonflammable flooring material
replacing epoxy and urethane flooring materials.

Have bad effects on workers and dwellers through discharging organic solvents
Ventilation facilities necessary and always exposed to fires during construction during fires
A combustible material causing worries about casualties through discharging poisonous gases
Delamination, fractures and splits caused by ceclined compatibility with concrete

A hydraulic environment-friendly construction material discharging no organic solvents
Make construction easy and cause no fires during construction
Suitable for large buildings because of excellent nonflammability
An inorganic material highly compatible with concrete

Test method KS F 4041, 2221
Test items KS standards Environment-friendly nonflammable
flooring material
Compressive strength (N/㎟) 28.0 or more 33.0 60
Flow(mm) 190 or more 220 -
Congelation time (minute) Initial setting: 1H or more
final setting: within 15H
Initial setting 1.5h
final setting
8h or more
Bending strength (N/㎟) 6.0 or more 10.3 22
Wear resistance (mg/㎟) 0.15 or lower 0.12 0.65
Bond strength (N/㎟) 1.2 or more 2.0 N/A
Length change rate (%) ±0.05 -0.012 -
Impact resistance No splits and delamination No troubles Delamination fracture